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Why Turkey, why now and why Istanbul Education

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It is a great challenge to study abroad.  Aside from personal growth it allows students to gain cultural, social and academic experience and knowledge that is unparalleled. We believe Turkey offers the greatest experience for all and more.

Aside from its breathtaking touristic and historic sites, great food and friendly people Turkey has become one of the top destinations in Higher Education for İnternational Students.  This is not by coincidence.  There are several reasons why one should choose Turkey as a study destination

  • Location
  • Quality of Higher Education
  • A hub between East and West


We do not need to say much about location. Turkey is the cradle of civilizations.  Istanbul is literally where east meets west.  There is no other place in the world where you can be on both continents without changing your city.  Weather is amazing; Turkey has all 4 seasons, where you can experience the beautiful beaches with crystal clear, Turquois waters or ski in one of the 41 resorts from December to April.

Turkey provides countless opportunities for all academic, cultural and sportive interest groups.  We have a very strong health care system.  Turkey is a center for health tourism as well.

With 207 Universities, Turkey offers quality higher education at all levels and degrees.  There is definitely a suitable University with the best program and location for every student.  Turkey currently offers the best education with  the most competitive prices.

Turkey is a hub where you can receive a high quality education with connections to some of the top universities in the world.  Our universities have worked on internationalization for many years and have established many partnerships and joint programs with leading institutions to expand the horizons of local and international students.


Now is the best time to choose to study in Turkey because having mentioned all the above we also need to add that, strongly believe you can not find quality higher education with a better price anywhere else in the world with such location culture and history.

Do not waist any time and apply today to use the services of Istanbul Education to select the best University that is suitable to your academic background with desired location and  price.  We are here to help with our 27 years of experience in international higher education.

Istanbul education will not only help you enter your desired university but will also help you with your connection to global education with its sister companies.  We have partnership agreements over 100 institutions worldwide.

If you would like to study in Turkey and spend your summers abroad or would like to have an internship or summer course, diploma or graduate program in Europe, USA or Canada we are here to help.

Istanbul Education and our experienced advisors will be your link to any educational institution.  We know some of the top programs in the world that will provide you with the best experience.

Why not complete your education in Turkey with summer experiences abroad and finish your masters in USA or Canada with 3 years of work permit at the end.  We can help you manage all this through our year round free counseling service that we provide to all our İstanbul Education Students.

Come and take advantage of our FREE application and advising service.  We have serviced more than 10.000 students worldwide.  Looking forward to meeting you soon…

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