Why Study in Turkey?

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Turkey is a very welcoming and mixed society. Young people occupy a large place in the country. There are many universities and schools in the country. Some areas are not good enough for social activity, but in general, there are fun places. Turkish universities, which are valid in the world, offer higher education opportunities far above the standards with their quality education understanding, successful teaching staff and integrated education system with the world. In this way, students can easily climb the steps of success by preparing in the best way for both life and their profession. Diplomas of foreign students who have received university education in Turkey are diplomas that are valid and accepted as equivalence in many countries of Europe, America and the world. Since the diploma equivalence of each university differs, looking at the diploma equivalence regulation of the university that is considered for entry will allow you to achieve more accurate results.

Both public universities and private universities provide educational work on large, comfortable and fully equipped campuses, allowing students to access information in the easiest way. With libraries, laboratories, student clubs, artistic activity areas and many other student activity areas within the campus, students complete their higher education on modern educational campuses. Turkey shows highly developed characteristics compared to its region, while at the same time drawing an image of a very safe country. In Turkey, where social life is alive, unlike its neighbors, it is possible to see education in more economic conditions than in Europe and America.

Housing, nutrition and transportation facilities, which are the most basic requirements of students, are offered within a highly developed system in Turkey. Many universities provide counseling services for foreign students to adapt to life in Turkey more quickly. Each university has its own dormitories or located at close distances. These dormitories can be private enterprises as well as government dormitories. In addition to staying in the dorm, renting a house is another option for housing. Around the university, it is possible to find apartments, rooms or houses rented only for students. Especially in the last 20 years, serious investments have been made in transportation and health issues. The public transport system in metropolitan cities is highly developed. It is extremely easy to go from one place to another in the city with alternative public transport facilities such as Metro, tram, bus, dolmus and Metrobus. Students use discounted cards in urban transportation, and transportation costs are quite low. Each university has dining halls that provide quality, clean and very reasonable prices. You can eat three meals in the university dining hall or choose the university canteen.

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