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Istanbul is a city located in Turkey and one of the 81 provinces of the country. It is the most populous, economically, historically and socio-culturally leading city in the country. Istanbul was established in northwest Turkey, along the Marmara coast and the Bosphorus, to surround the estuary. Istanbul is an intercontinental city, its part in Europe is called the European side or the Rumeli side, and its part in Asia is called the Anatolian side or the Asian side.

As the city changed hands and was worn out, there were not many structures in the city that belonged to the Roman Empire period. Istanbul is increasingly becoming a more culturally important center. The city was declared the European capital of culture in 2010. World-famous pop stars fill Istanbul stadiums, while works in art such as opera, Ballet and theater are staged throughout the year. During the seasonal festival, world-famous orchestras, chorale music groups and legendary names of jazz music perform concerts. There are many historical bazaars in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar, Mahmutpaşa Bazaar and Egypt Bazaar are the most important of them. The first modern shopping center is the Galleria located in Bakırköy district. 20. in the last years of the century, the number of modern bazaars, rather called “shopping centers”, increased.


Istanbul, along with traditional Turkish restaurants, includes many European and Far Eastern restaurants and other cuisines. The most important taverns and bars of the city are gathered on Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu district, which is one of the most vibrant places of the city. Many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and taverns in the city serve people along with live music. With an increase in the number of nightclubs, restaurants and bars, the increasing temperature in summer attracts people to these places. Cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, art galleries, theaters and cinemas are concentrated especially in Istiklal Street and Nişantaşı circles.

Istanbul, which has hosted many sports activities since the Byzantine and Roman periods, Today hosts football, basketball, volleyball, handball and various motor and sports races. There are thirty-one universities in Istanbul, seven of which are state and twenty-four of which are foundations. Especially public educational institutions are one of the most respected and equipped universities in the country. But there has also been an increase in the number of private universities in recent years. Two of the 3 oldest public universities in Turkey are located in Istanbul.

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