1 - Which Department

  • Choose your degree :


  • Study :

Course contents,
Curriculum etc.

(from websites of the universities and) for more details contact us! paran tezin içinde ne demek istedik anlamadım

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2 - Which University?

  • Look at : Ranking,

Career options,
International Programs,
Social opportunities etc.

from websites of the universities, social media accounts and the website of Ministry of Education.

3 - Learn About Admission and Application Requirements of the Universities

Admission and application requirements can be different for each university. For public universities, YÖS examination score is required. Generally, transcripts, diploma and equivalency documents are enough for application.

If you are going to study in English; you need to have a recognized test score or you can take the University’s proficiency exam. If you are going to study in Turkish; you need to have TÖMER score or you can take Yunus Emre Institution’s proficiency test as well.

For details we recommend you to check web pages of the universities you are applying to.

4 - Apply

Once you apply, you will wait for an answer from the university. Normally this takes less than a week.

Deposit payment may be required for some universities. If deposit payment is necessary for the admission, deposit payment details are shown on the web page of the university or you will find it on the offer letter you will receive.

5 - Tuition Fee

You will make your payment upon your arrival to Turkey. Tuition fee must be paid to complete your registration.

6 - Apply For Student Residence Permit

To apply for student residence permit, you have to complete the online application form and you need to get a residence permit appointment from https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

7 - Scholarship Opportunities

Many universities in Turkey offer scholarships to International students. We can help you to gain a scholarship from our partner universities. Applications will be considered on a first come first served bases. APPLY now and learn your scholarship rate!