How Much Will You Spend In Turkey?

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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a country located in Anatolia, most of its territory, and a small part in Thrace, a southeastern extension of the Balkan Peninsula. Turkey is a paradise as of its current location. The reason it is extra attractive to tourists is the worthlessness of the currency. Those who come from European countries can holiday, live, shop at very affordable prices. The minimum wage in an average European country is 5 times that in Turkey. You can stay or invest in Turkey for a long time with the currencies you will earn in European countries.

Take, for example, the topic of food. The average price of a burger sold at Burger King restaurants in Italy is around 7€. This product is sold in Turkey for around 30₺. Instead of eating 1 hamburger in Italy, you can eat 4 in Turkey.

In Turkey, a family of 4 people can live in a house rent 1000₺ we can say. That fee amounts to 130$. For example, the average hourly minimum wage in the U.S. is 10$. You can deduct a month’s rent in Turkey by working almost 1 day.

Let’s also examine the water that peoples needs. 1.5 litres of water is around 0.90€ in Greece. The price of 1.5 liters of water in Turkey is 1.5₺. That makes 0.11 euros. As can be seen, you can meet your needs with very reasonable prices.

The price of 1 kilo of meat in the UK is on average 8£. In Turkey, this price is around 90₺. Meat prices are almost the same.

Let’s talk about clothes. The average sneaker in the UK is 65£. In Turkey, it is at 500₺ levels.

Electronic products are sold dearly from European countries. That’s because of the added taxes.

If the issue is collected, you can spend the money you will earn by working 1 week in European countries in Turkey in 1 month. Holiday prices are also very affordable because you earn in foreign currency and spend in Turkish lira. For example, the price of a hotel for 1 night is 200₺ per person. That price makes about 25$. You can stay in a beautiful hotel in Turkey by working 3 hours in the United States.

Education and health in Turkey free of charge. It is not taken by paying fees like in other countries, but of course you can go to private schools or private hospitals by paying fees.

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