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We product thousand of inviduals studying and working abroad.

Guard.me International Health Insurance

Guard.me has been specializing in medical insurance for international students for 20 years. Guard.me is an international company which assures international students from all around the world. Its head office is in Canada also it has regional offices around the world such as the UK, Malta, Australia, Brazil and the USA.

  • 100% coverage; Because of this international specialization,Guard.me covers %100 of the student’s expenses in contractual hospitals, different from the other insurance companies. Guard.me has a huge list of contractual hospitals (ACIBADEM Hospitals, AMERICAN Hospital, FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Hospital, MEDICALPARK Hospitals)
  • Coverage in your home country; Also, Guard.me covers the student’s expenses in her/his home country, too. When the student goes to her/his home country, she/he will be covered by Guard.me.
  • Residence Permit; Most importantly, Guard.me policy includes the minimum cover structure determinated in Circular for Private Health Insurance Application in accordance with the permission date 06.06.2014 and residence no: 9. So, the student can use Guard.me’s policy for her/his residence permit application.
  • Easy and Fast; It is easy to apply for Guard.me. The student should fill simple, one page application form. After confirmation of registration, in 2 workday, policy document is in your mailbox.

In addition to that, our annual policy (1 year) price is 1200 TL and semi-annual policy (6 months) price is 780 TL.


What are the policy period options?

Annual policy (1 year) and semi-annual policy (6 months) are our policy period options.

Who can apply for Guard.me insurance?

Guard.me is designed specifically to meet the needs of the international students.

Does Guard.me cover my family?

If you are parent, yes. Guard.me covers your dependent children with slightly higher price.

When I want to travel my home country, Guard.me covers me?

Yes, when you go to your home country on holidays (etc.), guard.me covers you in your home country as well.

How long does it take to get Guard.me policy?

After confirmation of registration, in 2 workday, policy document is in your mailbox.

Do I need an ID card to use when I go to Hospital?

No, you do not need an ID card or any documents to go to Hospital. You can go to doctor only with your insurance number which will be given by Guard.me.

Do I have to pay for my treatments?

No, you will not make any payment to the Hospital. You will only pay %20 of your treatment expenses if you take a service from an uncontracted hospital.

*Please click for the contracted hospitals. 

Does guard.me cover dental treatment?

Guard.me covers dental treatment if you are only classified as urgent. Before you start your dental treatment you need to ask your doctor that guard.me covers your situation or not.

What is the Insurance limits?

If you are going to be treated as an in-patient in a contracting hospital with the insurance company, there are no limits. (Out-Patient Treatment Benefits are limited with 2.000 TL annum.)