Coming to Turkey for education with Erasmus

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The European Union aims to support academic exchange and interaction between European universities through the Erasmus programme. Students who complete their first year at their university have the opportunity to obtain international experience at a foreign university for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months by enrolling in the Erasmus program. With Erasmus, students have the opportunity to improve their language knowledge and experience different cultures while acquiring professional equipment for business life as well as improving their academic skills. Erasmus acts more as a cultural interaction, it makes more sense to study abroad for comprehensive language development.

30 European Union member countries, as well as Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Macedonia and Liechtenstein, are participating in the Erasmus program. Thanks to Erasmus, students can easily exchange universities and continue their education at European universities that they decide to do.

The Erasmus grant is awarded only to students who are citizens of the European Union and citizens of Turkey, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. To receive an Erasmus grant, the following conditions/conditions must be met:

  • Being already studying at University.
  • To have completed at least the first year of University.
  • Knowing enough about the language of study of the university to go to.
  • Having not previously attended Erasmus.
  • Not receiving a grant from a similar European Union Project.

Turkey is first in Europe as a young population. That’s why there are so many venues for the needs of the young population. Universities are quite modern and advanced. Education in the country is free. When you come to Turkey with Erasmus, you are very warmly welcomed. The Turkish people are quite warm-blooded. Have any problem with this, you won’t.

The fact that the Turkish lira is worthless makes it very convenient for those living in European countries. You can be comfortable for a long time by bringing currency when you come to the country. The language of education of some departments in universities in Turkey is entirely English. If you choose one of these sections, you will not have any difficulties. For Erasmus, which is called an adventure abroad for the first time for many young people, Turkey will be a pretty good choice.

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